Fika – a swedish institution

When you think of coffee break in a German office it’s all about people just pouring themselfes a coffee in their mug to hustle back to their working desks… Whereas in Sweden Fika, the coffee break, is much more: it’s an institution, an important time to get together, to have a talk about work and life, to meet and greet…

The word “fika” was probably created by exchanging the syllables of “kaffi” (an old swedish word for coffee) and has been documented since the beginning of the 20th century.

It’s concerened to be quite unpolite not to join one of the fikas that are held several times a day – so our group had had a lot of coffee during our journey and we loved it! Also the wonderful fikabröd, mostly Kanelbullar, rolls with cinnamon.

Tak so mycke for all fikas we enjoyed…

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