Day 3: Art, music and politics – and beer tasting at a very old third place…

Day 3 we spent at Konstbruket, a place in an old fabric in Uppsala where artist with special needs can have a work- and learning place and produce art, record songs and do things together.

In the same place you also have a music school and the Designlabbet, a place where kids can try different kinds of crafting. Here Ulf Homberg and Henrik Ivansson talk about their work in this inspiring place.

We went back to the city center of lovely Uppsala to have lunch and where deputy major Mohamad Hassan had invited us for a talk about his work – and of course a fika. The fika we took on the roof of the town hall, and where amazed by the stunning view over Uppsala and the interessting talk with Muhamad you can listen to here.

The afternoon we spent with Elin and Max from Gotlands Nation: a very old kind of a third place, invented in the 16th century to prevent students of Uppsala university to get into fights with the Uppsala citizens… Nowadays a place where newly arrived stundents can get into contact with other students and learn about life – the Nations are all organized by students themselves!

After the gotlandic beertasting some took a rest at Fyrisån river, some strolled around in Uppsala’s nice shops and Cafés until we all got together at wonderful oldstyle swedish restaurant Bishops Arms where also the Bird Watchers meet once a month to get to know everything about Birds in Sweden…

What a day – to be continued…

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