Day 1: A very warm welcome at Studiefrämjandet Uppsala – Lifelong learning in Sweden

A group of vhs-responsibles from Hessen was welcomed in the rooms of swedish adult education institution Studiefrämjandet Uppsala by director Lars Häger and his team. The German guests were particularly impressed by the room concept: All offices and other rooms are grouped around a common room with a coffee kitchen, couches and tables, where lunch was served after everyone indroduced him/herself.

Coffe-kitchen at Studiefrämjandet Uppsala. Photo: Alexandra Hessler

Lars himself is working at Studiefrämjandet for 30 years, and he loves his job: “Culture is my special love!”
Here he tells more about Studiefrämjandet’s study circles.

At Studiefrämjandet they have a lot of Rock Bands, a “Kulturskolan” (Culture School), and many projects dealing with integration and inclusion. The program for the next days will lead us to the various facilities of Studiefrämjandet and we will look at them under the aspect of the “Third Place”.

The german visitors are mainly from Hessen, a state in Germany.

Christoph shows Hessen on a Map Lars keeps in his office. Photo: Stefan Will

After this very warm welcome all members enjoy a visit of Uppsala with a very special guide: Hans is a master of storytelling…. And sometimes appears as Carl von Linné, the great swedish botanist.

Another guest was Andrea Rodriguez from Studiefrämjandet who joined our group to talk about the concept of Third Places that they are implementing excellently – here she tells us more about it.

The day ended with a lovely dinner – and of course a fika…

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